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Own design of bunker cranes

Van Wijk B.V. is designer and supplier of various types of bunker cranes or bunker booms. Over the years we have developed an extensive range of the most common cranes, but we are still designing new variants on the customer’s request.

Design of our bunker cranes

Meanwhile, hundreds of tankers are bunkering large quantities of oil or mineral liquids with a Van Wijk bunker crane. Our standard cranes are very robust. Because we have been having a proven concept, service and provision for decades, it is important to us that our bunker cranes are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Very reliable

Our bunker cranes are made to our customers’ specifications, so we can deliver completely according to their wishes.

In addition to hydraulic slewing and winching, you can also choose electric slewing and/or winching.

Features of our bunker cranes

We can make a bunker crane in any desired length. Twenty to thirty-five metres is the most common. The pipe(s) can be mounted through the boom or along the boom with a swivel at the front for easy and safe pumping. A movable platform and a swivelling JIB for ease of operation and manoeuvring are often part of the bunker boom.

The intended pump speed determines the pipe diameter, e.g. 8″. Several options are possible for this crane. The crane is mounted on a slewing ring bearing on which it can swing by means of a hydraulically driven planetary gearbox.

Design with ATEX if required or mandatory. We also offer bunker cranes suitable for bunkering LNG or ammonia.

Want to know more about our bunker cranes?

Do you want more information about our bunker cranes, or do you have a question you want to ask us? Feel free to contact us! Besides our Bunker Cranes, we are also specialised in other Ship Cranes, such as Auto Cranes, Gangway Cranes and the LNG Bunker Crane.

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