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LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas. LNG has fewer emissions when burned. More and more ships therefore sail on LNG as a cleaner alternative to other fossil fuels.

Cooling natural gas to -162°C changes its composition from gaseous to liquid, retaining the same amount of energy in only 1/600th of its original volume. The main advantage is that this allows the energy to be easily transported to customers as fuel. Compared to traditional marine fuels, natural gas significantly reduces NOx and cuts overall greenhouse gas emissions by up to 21%, according to a well-to-wheel emissions study by Thinkstep. Major international shipowners are building LNG-powered ships in mass quantities, so the demand for effective bunkering is growing rapidly.

Benefits of the LNG bunkering boom (ship2ship, time saving)

Cleaner energy must be cheap and accessible. By using an easily manoeuvrable barge with a bunkering boom, no infrastructure with fixed jetties is necessary and more flexible bunkering is possible. In more and more ports, ship-to-ship bunkering is possible and bunkering can take place during regular cargo operations, saving a lot of time.

Own design (safety, ease of use) of the LNG bunker crane

Van Wijk Machinefabriek and Scheepsreparatiebedrijf signed up for a world first by supplying the first LNG bunkering crane that was installed on mts LNG London. This is the first crane worldwide with this principle. This LNG bunker crane was produced in collaboration with Kanon and complies with the highest safety requirements of a well-known multinational in oil.

Features of the LNG Bunker Boom

Liquid LNG is pumped through the 25-metre boom at a temperature of -165 degrees Celsius. The (2 or 3) vacuum drawn hoses (6″ or 8″) are built into the boom. The crane is equipped with special safety systems that ensure that the hoses are disconnected and the pipes shut off in the event of a calamity. The hoses descend in a controlled manner so that no sparks are generated. A lot of research has gone into the system. Together with the customer, his client and a number of specialists, we succeeded in developing an innovative product for inland shipping.

If you are looking for a safe bunker crane for LNG or for example ammonia, Van Wijk will design it according to your wishes and specifications.

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