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Inspections and tests

Van Wijk takes care of your (periodic) inspections of auto crane, bunker crane, lifting column, bow thruster and spud poles. In collaboration with all inspection authorities, we also arrange and organise the compulsory inspections. Any faults can be dealt with immediately after inspection by our experienced engineers. Thanks to our more than 60 years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of your inland shipping vessel.

On the one hand, some tests and/or inspections are mandatory, on the other hand, preventive inspections can prevent unexpected and therefore often costly stoppages. Obviously, the safety of you and your staff also benefits from periodic inspections. Prevention is better than the cure!

An inspection is an extensive visual examination, based on a checklist, of whether the equipment to be inspected can still be used safely, whether (preventive) maintenance is required and whether any adjustments are necessary before the possible compulsory inspection. Periodic inspections increase safety and save costs for unexpected repairs and downtime at undesirable moments and places. Periodic inspections can be scheduled at a practical moment in your sailing schedule.

A test is an examination with the aim of assessing whether the equipment complies with the relevant regulations; this way, you comply with legal requirements, insurance requirements and the requirements of shippers or clients.

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