Ship cranes

Van Wijk has been producing ship cranes for almost 40 years. These are truck cranes but also various types of gangway cranes, bunker booms and davit cranes. We explain the type of faucet on the specific pages.

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Auto crane

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Bunker crane

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LNG bunker crane

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Gangway cranes

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What are the characteristics of our ship cranes?

The solid and continuously improved design has proven itself over the years in inland shipping. Unique features such as a low creep line and strong boom are features of the Van Wijk ship crane. Ease of operation and a long service life are other qualities that skippers prize our ship cranes for. There are various types of ship cranes that we can adapt to customer specific needs. Examples include:

  • The length of the ship’s crane
  • Whether or not extendable
  • The height of the upright
  • The lifting weight
  • Accessories such as a lifting bracket/equator, LED lighting, indoor wiring.

Everything is possible in consultation. The boom is often hydraulically extendable once or twice.

To whom do we supply our ship cranes?

We supply ship cranes for inland shipping, estuary shipping, sea shipping, work vessels and passenger shipping.

We also develop special cranes for any desired application. The hydraulic actuation enables compact installation and perfect operation.

Supply to shipyards and skippers

We usually install the crane, remove the old one if necessary and make the necessary adjustments to the ship. We then install the new tap, connect everything and put the tap into operation.

Where necessary, we also organize the inspection at, for example, the TüV. All this is possible at our own quay in Werkendam or in consultation at a shipyard where the ship is berthed.

In the event of damage, we can often repair the entire crane, upright and/or boom in consultation with the insurer.

Want to know more about our ship cranes?

Because we have been producing ship cranes for almost 40 years, we have a lot of knowledge of our ship cranes and we know a solution for every problem. We are also happy to advise on the options that can be applied. Would you like to know more about our products and services, or would you like to receive some information without obligation? Please feel free to contact with us.