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Safe and reliable anchor winches

The hydraulic anchor winch from ship winch builder Van Wijk in Werkendam for your inland navigation vessel, seagoing vessel or the maritime sector. With a hydraulic anchor winch from anchor winch builder Van Wijk, you are getting a high-quality installation on board. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the soundness, safety and reliability are characteristics of Van Wijk’s hydraulic anchor winches.

Van Wijk anchor winches are modular in design. Design, choice of materials and manufacturing guarantee a long life span and hassle free operation. With several standard sizes of drum and/or cable drum, any desired combination can be assembled.

Electric, hydraulic or by motor

Our anchor winches can be driven electrically, hydraulically or by diesel engines. The electric motors are IP 65 classified. They are driven via a closed steel gearbox with oil bath. The access cover on the casing makes it possible to inspect the gears and the oil level. The motors are reversible, so that reversing and unwinding of chain and wire is possible.

Why choose our anchor winches?

The main shaft is supported by bronze bushes and fitted with a cable drum and/or a wire drum. One person can easily operate the coupling next to the cable drum/ wire drum. When the cable drum and/or wire drum is stationary, the warping end on the main shaft can be used.

The hydraulic part of the winch is built into the gearbox. This has the following advantages: no hydraulic piping on deck, any oil leakage goes into the gearbox (environmental advantage) and the speed of the winch is continuously adjustable, so that working with more wires in particular is smooth.

All brakes of the winches are covered with high quality brake lining, which maintains its friction at temperatures rising to over 200 degrees. All non-white parts are blasted and treated with a layer of primer and a maritime paint system.

Fastening of anchor winches

Our winches can be welded directly on deck without a foundation. The deck plates consist of a bottom part that is welded on deck and a top part in which the shaft is mounted. Both parts are bolted together, which makes it easy to replace the drums.

In addition, chains and anchors can be supplied so that the chain and the cable are always compatible.

Questions about our anchor winches?

At your request, we can also take care of the maintenance and/or repair of your winches. Contact us to make an appointment.
If you have any questions or would like a no-obligation quotation, please contact us by telephone or email.



electric, hydraulic or diesel engines

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