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Own design of auto cranes

Van Wijk B.V. is a designer and supplier of various types of auto cranes. Over the years, an extensive range of standard cranes has been developed, but new variants are still being designed at the customer’s request.

Design of our auto cranes

Our standard cranes are, typical for Van Wijk, robustly constructed.

A number of important advantages of our auto cranes are:

  • Requires little maintenance
  • Very easy to operate
  • Very reliable

Due to our decades-long proven concept and the fact that we have production and development in-house, we make our cranes in this way. Our cranes are made according to the wishes of our customers. Thousands of ships hoist their cars on board with a Van Wijk auto crane. Besides hydraulic slewing and winching you can also go for for electric slewing and/or winching.

Features of our auto cranes

We can design the crane completely according to your preferences. The possibilities include cranes up to 30 metres with a lifting capacity varying from 1000 to 4000 kg. Because the (electric) cars are becoming heavier and heavier, the average market demand in terms of hoisting load is moving towards 2000-3000 kg.

Fixed and extendable auto cranes

Auto cranes can be equipped with a fixed boom or telescopically extendable up to 3 extendable parts so that a suitable solution can always be found for your ship.  Extension can be done manually or hydraulically. The height of the stand and the type of arrangement are usually measured and determined in consultation with you.


In consultation with your insurer, a quick solution can be found for repairs in the event of damage.

We have everything under one roof: production, assembly and maintenance.

More information about our auto cranes

Do you have a question, need advice or want to know more about our Auto Cranes? Then feel free to contact us to discuss your preferences.  Please also feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our other types of ship cranes, such as Bunker Cranes, Gangway Cranes and our LNG Bunker Crane.

Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart
Autokraan voor de binnenvaart