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Van Wijk B.V. is a leading ship repair company for inland vessels, estuary vessels and all other maritime vessels.

Besides repair & maintenance, Van Wijk also supplies ship parts for inland shipping. The products that are produced and repaired at Van Wijk are, among others: bow thrusters, hydraulic car and bunker cranes, hydraulic installations, winches, spud poles, wheelhouses and wheelhouse lifts. The products supplied are designed specifically to meet the demands of the customer. Van Wijk is synonymous with high quality and very reliable products with a long life span. Our products can be delivered separately or with installation so that they are immediately operational.

Customised solutions

With our own modern CNC lathes and milling machines, we can also quickly find customised solutions for repairs. Our professionals, many of whom have been with Van Wijk for many years, have the experience to solve the most difficult challenges. In addition to repairs and maintenance on all Van Wijk products of our own production and comparable products from other suppliers, all ship repairs above the waterline are part of our proposition. Ironwork on decks, flat or hull? Our professionals know how to deal with it. Construction work is quickly done by our craftsmen. We are also well versed in hydraulics and electricity. Because we work closely with many maritime companies, we can also carry out specific repairs on your ship. Ship repairs can be necessitated by wear and tear, age or damage. On behalf of your insurance company, we can provide an estimate of the cost of damage or a quotation. We can do a refit of parts and install new parts or machinery. Technical installations, ship’s engines and ship’s accessories; we can do and organise all your repairs and maintenance for you, with or without our network.

For contractor companies, we provide repair and maintenance services for both working vessels and, for example, winches, bow thrusters, loading cranes and spud poles.

Preventive maintenance can save you a lot of unnecessary downtime. We like to help you come up with the best solutions. We do a lot of expert inspections and we carry out tests with all recognised inspection institutes.

Van Wijk has a flexible, dynamic approach and is always ready to find a suitable solution for every problem. Whether it concerns repairs, replacements, adaptations or completely new installations, at Van Wijk you will find the service and the corresponding expertise – developed for over than 60 years – within one company.

Van Wijk B.V. is located in the Beatrix Harbour on the Nieuwe Merwede in Werkendam with its own 160 metre mooring quay and a tower crane with a lifting capacity of 12000 kg and a 60 metre boom. Repairs can be carried out at the Van Wijk quay in Werkendam or, if so desired, on location at home or abroad.