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Faster and safer mooring with spud poles

As ships become larger and larger and time pressure increases, maximum efficiency is desired. By using spud poles, mooring your ship becomes a fast, safe and simple operation. The advantage of spud poles is that they are extremely sturdy and ensure an extremely stable position of the ship. You can also moor in many more places than before.

What is a spud pole?

A spud pole is a steel pole that runs through the vessel. The pole can be raised and lowered,which allows a ship to secure itself to the bottom of the water. Spud poles may only be used in designated anchorages or in places where explicit permission has been or will be given for their use. A practical condition for the use of spud poles is that the water at the location is no deeper than the working length of the spud pole, or the insertion depth.

Telescopic spud poles

Many inland navigation vessels are already equipped with our spud pole system. Van Wijk spud poles are telescopic with one to four extendable tubes. The spud poles are intended to make mooring easier and make a ship more flexible. A spud pole system ensures that your ship has a stable position. Our spud poles are retractable and built into the ship. The most obvious choice is two spud poles; one spud pole on the fore ship and one spud pole on the aft ship.

The bollards are telescopic. With a push on the button, the system is activated and you can lower the spud poles to the bottom so that your ship is stable and secure. All the tubes slide out at the same time. When the outer tube reaches the maximum stop, the next tube continues. The smallest tube has special recesses for maximum grip on various surfaces.

Spud poles with planetary lifting motor

The spud poles are equipped with a planetary lifting motor with a hydraulic lamellar brake and hydro motor to drive the spud pole. A calibrated nesting disc is mounted on the gearbox that lowers and raises the spud pole with a chain and special heavy-duty swivel. The installation is equipped with an electrical cut-off for the lower and upper position of the spud pole. When the tube reaches the upper position, it automatically drops into a hydraulic pawl for securing.

The drive is equipped with a counting mechanism. With this, the length of the extended chain is registered in a percentage or meter. The installation includes a hydraulic unit complete with valves and an electrical control box. The unit consists of a 100 litre tank with gauge glass and return oil filter fitted with a Hydro pump and 11 kilowatt electric motor.


  • easy mooring
  • 1 spud pole in front and 1 spud pole at the rear
  • telescopic
  • planetary gearbox

hydraulic lamellar brake

hydro motor

  • electrical cut-off
Spud pole for inland shipping
Spudpalen voor de binnenvaart