Gangway cranes

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Own design of gangway cranes

Van Wijk B.V. is a designer and supplier of various types of gangway cranes. Over the years, an extensive range of standard cranes has been developed, but new variants are still being designed at the request of the customer.

Design of our gangway cranes

Hundreds of ships lift things on board with a Van Wijk gangway crane. Our cranes are completely made according to the wishes of our customers. Our concept has been proving itself for decades and because we have production and development in-house, we make cranes that require little maintenance, are very reliable and easy to use.

In addition to hydraulic slewing and winching, you can also choose electric slewing and/or winching.

Features of our gangway cranes

  • These cranes are placed on a slewing ring and can turn to the maximum.
  • Length varies from 2 metres to 10 metres extended
  • Maximum lifting capacity is usually between 300 KG and 1750 KG.
  • Height of the Gangway crane depends on the height

Furthermore, there are many variations possible in the design of these cranes, for example, the boom can be made in one piece or it can be made with a kink. The stand is hydraulically movable up and down.

Usually, the crane comes with a wing platform for ease of operation.


We have everything under one roof: production, assembly and maintenance. That is the convenience you find with Van Wijk.

In case of damage, we usually find a quick solution for repair in consultation with your insurer.

More information about our gangway cranes?

Do you want more information about our gangway cranes, or do you want to present us with your problem? Then feel free to contact us without any obligation! We will then discuss your wishes together.

In addition to our gangway cranes, we also specialise in other types of ship cranes, such as bunker cranes, auto cranes and LNG bunker cranes

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